Artificial intelligence and online casinos: a love story?

Artificial intelligence and online casinos

Not long ago, online casinos were new to the gambling industry. However, now, when more and more different casinos appear, the veterans of the sphere who have passed the test of time need to do something. To give a concrete example, we can consider PlayAmo Casino, which is actively developing and introducing more and more modern technologies to improve the quality of service and facilitate its use. Artificial intelligence and its tools is one such technology. We will tell you how virtual casinos use artificial intelligence and how it helps to serve users and fight gambling addiction and fraud. Artificial …

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Create a strategy for playing video poker

video poker

Jacks or Better In the case of a Royal Flush, Straight, Poker or Full House, you must keep your hand. If you have four cards leading to a Royal Flush, switch one card to get the one you want. If you have four cards leading to a Straight Flush, replace the one that is of no use to you. If you have a three of a kind, switch the remaining cards. If you have double pairs, discard the last card. If you have a pair or two high cards of King, Queen, Jack or Ace, discard the remaining cards. Deuces …

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Learn all about Blackjack and you could win money from the dealer at the casino


To play blackjack you must know the different variants of the popular game. One of the keys that make playing Blackjack so much fun is that casinos offer so many different variations to enjoy. Choosing a variation of the game that suits your playing style can be difficult due to the numerous variations available to players today. We recommend trying several variations of the game before deciding to play one of them on a regular basis. Think about what your objectives are in the game and also how the availability of funds may affect your strategy. It is not uncommon …

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Slot Machine Review: Jimi Hendrix

Jimi Hendrix slot online

Rock and guitar! Description Swedish giant NetEnt has delivered on its promise, once again delighting us with one of its previously announced Rock series slot machines, which with Guns N’ Roses and Motörhead closes the trilogy it announced earlier in the year. So if you are a Rock lover you are in luck. The Jimi Hendrix slot machine from NetEnt has been eagerly awaited by all of us on the Casino Games team as we are lovers of good music and good Rock and of course also of great software providers such as NetEnt. Based on one of the most …

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